Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Can you believe it?

After weeks (or what felt like ages, at least), rainy mornings, there is actually blue sky above today. And the weather is supposed to get a bit better during the next days. Whew!

Apart from that, I'm making things like this:

which, in this case, shows the ten thread samples Spinner E spun. E's data points lie in a group underneath the trend line for wraps per 3 cm compared to tex (which compares the weight of thread per metre to its diameter, giving a hint on how tightly spun it is).

And that tells us that E spun a bit looser than most of the other spinners, and did so consistently. Incidentally, E also has a quite "flat" spinning angle, flatter than most of the other spinners. Which perfectly fits together with soft, fluffy threads.


Phiala said...

Interesting. You know the rest of us are going to demand to see our graphs too, don't you?

a stitch in time said...

Yes, I sort of thought that this might happen : )
Let's say I'm still working on them (especially on selecting the ones that will best show the experiment results), but once they are all done and labeled, I plan on putting them online on the Forum website.