Monday, 30 August 2010

It's not getting less busy here.

Well, at least I have been knowing for a while that these months will be busy.

I'm wrapping up the analysis for the spinning experiment (hah! Finally!) with a little graph interpretation help from the Most Patient Man and preparing the last little bits for the Textile Forum (which starts next week, whee!). Meanwhile, I have also gotten the green light for some sewing for a very interesting project concerning medieval messengers . The project is still in its testing phase, but already sounds immensely exciting.

Apart from this bit of work during the weekend, the rest was fairly relaxed, including two nice breakfasts/brunches with friends and a lot of relaxing and knitting. And I finally finished my current-socks-in-progress:

Skew socks, from Knitty (issue Winter 2009), knit in a teal Regia Sock yarn. Though these are quite thoroughly modified; I have a high instep, and the original pattern did not fit that at all, which led to a major re-write of the pattern to fit my feet. The left sock feels a bit tighter at the moment (which might be due to much less trying-on during the knitting process), but they both fit, and the fit in the toe region is absolutely delightful. As you can see from the picture, I have a wide front foot, and normal socks just don't cut the mustard like these do - so I am actually thinking about adapting just the anatomically correct toe for use with standard knit socks.

Well. Though before I do such an adaptation, I'm planning to cast on for a second pair. And this time around, I won't knit the socks one after the other... but simultaneously. And I'm especially looking forward to simultaneous Judy's Magic cast-on for the two sock toes, which I finally figured out in the middle of Friday night. (The secret? Swiveling the needles.)

And no, I don't usually spend my middles of nights knitting. I spend them sleeping - Friday was an exception.


Harma said...

They are great fun to knit. Did you have problems with the grafting of the heel? I always have problems to get the stitches the right size. This time I was smart enough to add a contrasting colour of sewing thread. That way I didn't loose track of what the grafted stitches were.

I must say, knitting two at the time seems to me less difficult than the grafting of the heel.

My Skew socks are in my suitcase for next week.

a stitch in time said...

Yes, they really are fun!
For a change, I did actually more or less get the grafting done correctly; somehow the instructions had confused me more than helped me; I usually get weird non-stitches in between the proper grafting. However, I don't have so much of a problem with adjusting the size; I adjust each stitch right after putting it in, which makes it easier (I think).