Wednesday, 8 July 2009

More Sewing Necessities

Today's choice for the blog presentation: Beeswax. Everybody needs beeswax! Each sewing bag, pouch, chest or other sewing-goods-container needs a piece of beeswax! And because carrying a candle for that is not the most practical of things, and because there are not so many nice chunks of good-quality beeswax on the market, these are the latest addition to my product line:

In case you don't know why beeswax is a sewing tool: It is invaluable to wax threads for sewing, especially linen threads. It makes them much more durable, they are less prone to fraying where they rub against the needle's eye, and the thread will not kink itself into knots as easily. Plus it smells heavenly! Just draw the thread across the chunk of wax once, and you are all set. Use of beeswax in textile work is documented for medieval times through different accounts, and once you are used to lightly waxing threads, you won't want to be without it anymore.

You can also use beeswax to neaten the edges of fine cloth - though that does take quite a bit of practice, and of course that will eat up your chunk of beeswax much faster than drawing threads through them.


A Life Long Scholar said...

Many years ago I was given pretty chunks of beeswax for sewing which had been made by pouring the molten wax into butter moulds. If you are selling them, perhaps this might be a good option--have a few different shapes for the customers to choose from? Yes, with use the shape is lost, but it is still nice to start with something pretty...

a stitch in time said...

I will look for nicer shapes for the next batch - this time around, however, I wanted to spend the time in building a product line rather than fine-tuning the individual products. And so there's still room to improve : )