Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Delightful Contacts

I just love working with people who love what they do and take it seriously. Add to that the generous portion of competence those folks always have - and it is so immensely enjoyable to deal with them.

You need a special material or tool or product for your idea - a quick mail or phone call to get into contact, some conversation, and they will offer solutions and possibilities that are often much better than you thought possible. And it's an incredible feeling to know that should there be need for this or that... you have somebody on hand who does it.

And that is the reason I enjoy myself so much at the moment, acquiring my product line. I'm trying to deal locally where possible, and that lands me with traditional, often smaller companies. And those are sure the best places to go if you need somebody for special requirements!

I have had the pleasure of talking and dealing with quite a few delightful contacts like that recently, and it is always something to lift the spirits. Hooray for such people!

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