Friday, 31 July 2009

Breathing Room

After the exhibition vernissage and before Cave Gladium, I now actually feel as if I had a little room for breathing and taking care of all the things left to moulder - like my book-keeping, or giving a semblance of order to my study, or sorting things. Yesterday was quite successful in terms of my to-do list, so I'm feeling more or less on schedule. That's nice!

So today, I'll take care of some of the stacks lying around here, putting things back into order and maybe clearing my totally cluttered desk a bit. This afternoon, I can at last collect my "cookie cutters" for making the spindle whorls for the Textilforum, and after that, I'll have some relaxed time for doing some textile work just for my own amusement, with no set goal or deadline.

On Monday, then, it's time to list all the things to be done, set new deadlines (in addition to the real ones, I do make "fake deadlines" for my own planning) and define priorities, get some book-keeping done and then rush back into business as usual. Including some new hitherto undisclosed ideas for the market stall...

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