Friday, 12 December 2008

The Waiting Game

Today's blog is later than usual, but it fits into the spirit of the last two days.

I have already learned that waiting is a very important part in the writing and publishing business, but I have yet to learn more patience. There's a wait for decisions, a wait until things can be evaluated properly, a delay because of this or that. It all takes a bit longer than planned initially, on both sides, the writing and the editing or publishing side - and I can relate so much better after having been part of the editing and proofing process for a journal once.

I know that it is necessary to wait. Still, sometimes it is hard - and at the moment, I have just found out that at least one really long one has come upon me. So it is time for me to take a deep breath, have some comfort chocolate and then accept it - and get on with some other exciting project. There was a wonderful post about the Waiting Game on Kristi Holl's blog a few weeks back, and I will try to wait productively and patiently.

But not yet. Tonight, I'm allowed to pity myself a bit. And to eat that extra piece of chocolate. And tomorrow, I'll tackle these things that lurk on the back of my desk - let's see how long it takes to get them into the Waiting Game stage!

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