Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Stuff always happens in bunches.

Somehow, it seems as if things always come in batches, never one at a time. A while ago, I had a batch of things all progressing smoothly, working out and falling into place with no effort whatsoever. The last few days, the opposite is happening: Obstacles and complications seem to pop up everywhere.

I hope that at least the most important issues can get resolved before next week - I fully intend to have the holidays off. It's a much needed break from everyday computer work, and I'm looking forward to that. All the problems that have not been solved by the 23rd will just have to wait a few days!

Until then, however, some time is left to tackle them. And unlike their way of appearing in my life, I will not tackle the whole batch at once, but work at them one at a time...

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