Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Planning things...

I feel like I've never done so much planning so far in advance before, and this might be true. After all, this is my first year of working freelance in full-time, not just part-time in addition to studies.

All these dates and deadlines and things that are already filling up my calender make me a little queasy in the stomach region, but on the other hand, I get really excited about them. At least I won't be dying of boredom next year! There is a bunch of conferences during the year, some that I have already applied for and more that would love to go to - and how can you not want to go to a conference that calls for papers like Borderlines XIII? Though there's a family birthday on that date, which is kind of sad since I can't be there and here at the same time. Then I need to figure out how much time all my projects will eat, so I don't plan too many trips and conferences.

For the moment, I have two presentations/lectures coming up, one in January and one in March, at the conference about colours in the Middle ages, so it is time to prepare for those. Powerpoint, here I come!

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