Thursday, 19 November 2015

Dear Blogspot, this is where we part our ways.

It is done - I have successfully migrated the shop pages to their new server, and imported everything that was on this blog to the new blog - which you will find at (or, alternatively, Please adjust your bookmarks and tell your friends! If you're getting an RSS feed, the new feed address is, though I've put a redirect in here (which means you should get the new posts, and probably will not get this one. Which is just to tell people that things have changed, and where to find the blog now anyways.)

So this is where we part our ways, blogspot. It was a nice time with you - almost seven years, in fact, and I enjoyed hanging out here and posting stuff. But my requirements have changed, and my taste in design has hopefully improved, and I really wanted all my stuff together in one place for a change.

Well. Goodbye, and thanks for all the fish. I'll see you readers over at the new place (where you'll also find a proper blogpost).

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