Thursday, 16 July 2015

The Beast Blogtour has started!

You have surely been waiting for the exciting things to announce that I hinted at a bit ago... and I can finally reveal the news!

Do you remember that I posted about the blogtour we were planning a while ago, to celebrate (and promote) "The Middle Ages Unlocked"? Well, as things you plan tend to, it has shifted from the traditional blog tour we had envisioned. While there's still a blog or two in our list (such as Elizabeth Chadwick's blog), most of our pieces will appear on sites that are not typical blogs, or in some cases not blogs at all.

I'm very, very excited about this, and finally it's time to share.

Living the History: Guest post "Reconstructing medieval garments"

Gillian has also posted three posts on The History Girls, related to The Middle Ages Unlocked:

The History Girls: The Problem with Medieval Medicine
Historical Sources for Historical Fiction
On History and Medieval Cosmetics 

We're also having a series (a whole series, wheeee!) of six posts on

In the near future, we'll also have some more posts to tell you about, also in exciting places... so stay tuned!


Lena said...

Loved your posts! (perfect lunchtime reading) Although as a research obsessed authenticity nerd I'm sad to hear that the bibliography didn't make it into print. Is there any chance of publishing it online?

On a completely different note, your "Experiment and knowledge base" article on got uploaded upside down. Is it fixable or do I have to print it to read it?

a stitch in time said...

Thank you, Lena!

We have added part of our sources as our reading recommendations, but not all of them. The most important sources are in the further reading suggestions, though. As to the full bibliography, it is a lot of pages, and we'd need to invest quite a bit of time into formatting it properly, as it never left the draft stage. If enough people request it, we might consider putting it online, but it's not on top of our priority lists at the moment.

As to the upside-down article, that is weird, it opens right side up on my computer! Anyway, your pdf reader programme should be able to rotate the pages, probably with a menu item under something like "view" or "document".