Wednesday, 8 July 2015

All your questions about the radio interview, answered.

There've been questions about the radio interview that Gillian and I will be doing on Friday. (Yay radio interview!) In case you missed the first announcement, here it is again:

...totally excited about being on a radio show on Friday, together with Gillian. We'll be interviewed about our book "The Middle Ages Unlocked", and the really cool thing? It's a radio station that is also sending via the internet. It's the afternoon show in Talk Radio Europe, and we'll be on air this Friday, 10 July, somewhere between 14:15 and 15:00.

Tune in if you'd like to hear us talk about the book - there might be a fun fact or two for you to hear about...

And now for the questions.

What's that in Greenwich time? 

Ah, yes, the joy of time zone differences.
Here's a little table of the times we'll be on:

UTC/GMT (Time Zone)    Friday, 10. Juli 2015, 12:15 UTC 
Nuremberg (Germany)    Friday, 10. Juli 2015, 14:15 UTC+2 hrs  
Sydney (Australia, NSW)Friday, 10. Juli 2015, 22:15 UTC+10 hrs 
London (England)       Friday, 10. Juli 2015, 13:15 UTC+1 hr
Malaga (Spain)         Friday, 10. Juli 2015, 14:15 UTC+2 hrs 
Los Angeles (U.S.A.)   Friday, 10. Juli 2015, 05:15 UTC-7 hrs  

Gillian will be in Sydney, I will be in Erlangen, the radio station is based in Malaga, Spain, and our host is, if I got it correct, British. So we'll be a very international bit of the show!

Will the interview be in English?

Although I would really like to hear Gillian attempt to speak German one day, and the station is based in Spain - yes, it will be in English. You'll get to hear my slightly weird accent, and Gillian has promised to practise British English in the hours before the interview so she's not too Australian-sounding.

Will it be downloadable if we can't hear it live? 

Yes, it will! Talk Radio Europe offers all their original shows to listen to again for seven days after the shows ran. It's their "Listen On Demand" offer.

So. Tune in, or download later - and we hope you'll enjoy our radio interview!

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Harma said...

Hello Katrin

I've got a small problem with the timetable. On my screen I only see the region and the date, not the time. Halfway through the 5 of 2015 the text width is reached and even when I go full screen only the background gets wider, not the texts. Will you please leave out the year and shorten the date, so the times fit within the frame?