Wednesday, 25 September 2013

More exciting stuff.

I have sung its praise before, but it is time to do it again: EThOS - the "Electronic Theses Online Service" offered by the British Library. They basically list all the Theses of Britain, and as many of them as possible are downloadable. For free (you just need to register with them). It's even possible to order them on CD/DVD or as printout, though then they are obviously not free anymore, but will cost a bit to cover for material, time and postage. (If you are a multi-tab opener like me: resist the temptation. Downloads and links don't work properly when opened in a new tab, and the back button is not recommended for use; you'll need to click on "search results" or "order history" to go back to your lists. The site works smoothly that way, though.)

And there's more good free info stuff from Britain - meet the Portable Antiquities Scheme. It's a scheme trying to encourage members of the public from England and Wales who have found archaeological objects to register them in an open database. It's mostly metal objects, and there are very many of them - among it pins, needles, buckles, and spindle whorls. The search function is nice and works quite well, and there are additional filters to narrow down on item groups.

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