Thursday, 7 February 2013

Winter. Not-Winter. Winter. And boats.

The weather outside cannot decide whether it is still winter (a bit of snow is covering the ground) or not winter anymore (it's not very cold, and the snow does not stay for long). It has been like this for a while now. The cat has stopped caring and just upped her morning walks again to their longer version, the snow seems to have lost some of its cat-repellancy.

In other news: A good while ago I posted about the boat building project in England, where some folks (quite a lot of them, actually) are building a bronze age sewn-plank boat. Well, looks like it's finished! And here is a time-lapse video summing it all up.

A while ago, I chatted to one of the people from the project, and she said that the project has generated a lot of response, and upped the visitor count of the museum. I was very glad to hear that, and now I'm looking forward to their launch, planned for March!

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Cathy Raymond said...

We're having the same warm/cold weather. Hopefully, it will stabilize soon.