Monday, 4 February 2013

So much to do, so little time.

I have not written a list of all the things I need to do because I do not want to see such a long list. Among the things that would be on it are: take care of the bookkeeping (especially the one considering the car costs, since that is necessary for one of the steps in finishing last year's tax work, and that should be done before March at the latest); scan in more of the spinning experiment visual survey cards in a high dpi setting (tedious, boring work that eats up time and nerves because of its pure, undiluted boringness); have a bit more of a spin-in with my Great Wheel (that is currently standing in the living room) since there was that project planned with lovely Vix that requires about 500 m of decent wheel-spun yarn; testspin with the other, new little wheel that lives here since the start of the year and see what has to be done to fix it; finish an article; work my way through many chapters of the project I have with Gillian; review and possibly change (or at least tweak) my website; make a new info leaflet; plan the next Textile Forum; and I will now stop noting things now or I could really have just written a list to shock me.

Also coming up? Each year's sudden February need to sort and put away any jumble standing around and clear tables and spaces. And have a thorough cleaning of the place. So... plenty of work around here, as you can see. But as they say: "Everything is better with a cup of tea." Which is exactly what I shall get myself now before starting into the day. I am determined to make at least a little dent in the stack of stuff to do with today's work!

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