Monday, 7 May 2012

Does it have to be Monday today?

I'm more in the mood for another Saturday or Sunday than a Monday, but I guess it can't be helped. It was a really nice weekend, though - we did a lot of grocery shopping and baking on Saturday and a little cooking on Sunday morning, and then spent time with a heap of friends eating and drinking and having fun.

Since Thursday, we also own a cat - or perhaps I should say, as usual, a cat has determined that we will be her staff now. She was found and brought to an animal shelter, and she's still getting used to her new life and surroundings, and we are getting used to our new flatmate... but she's a sweet and gentle cat, a little shy to try new things, and totally addicted to getting petted by humans. Any humans.

(And yes, I know that the Law of the Intarwebz requires me to post cat photos soon. Because I wrote about a cat living with us. They will follow.)


Anonymous said...

Guess you don't want to hear that it's 'Bank Holiday Monday' here and so it's a national holiday? To mark this event, it's raining.

What have you called the cat?

What you have decided to call the cat decides your whole relationship with her and announces that relationship to the world... think wisely!


a stitch in time said...

Ah, no, I did not want to hear that you have a national holiday today...

The cat was named "Madonna" at the shelter, and that will stay her name, since she seems to listen to it (well, as much as a cat does pay attention when you call said cat's name).

Cathy Raymond said...

Aw. Yes, by all means, let us have kitty pictures! She sounds a lot like my cat, actually.