Thursday, 29 March 2012

More being on the road. And an unexpected modern history lesson.

Today is the day when I pack for the IRM - which means I have to do some last-minute printing, sorting, and stuffing things into boxes before stuffing them into the car. Yes, I have a list to help me packing. And no, I'm not sure I put everything on that list that should be on there... so it will still be interesting. Plus my foot is still acting up a little (though I don't know where and how I damaged it), so hauling things will probably take a bit longer than normal.

Apart from this, I have just finished an update to the online shop software after a nice client sent me a heads-up yesterday that registration was not possible due to some weird error. My test registration worked, so I hope everything is in good order again now - I will check the language files and tweak the template, if necessary, once I am back from the IRM. (Sometimes, having a staff including a sys admin and shopkeeper would really, really be nice.)

And on a completely unrelated note: Did you know that we already must have had World War 11? And a good while ago, too? No? Me neither - until I received a Nigeria Scam version that totally enlightened me. Here's a snippet of it, emphasis mine:

I am leading a group of other top system analyst/programmers to develop and launch a new fire-wall at the UN`s Central Data Facility, in Geneva.

We have been here since July of 2011 and due to complete our assignment at the end of the year. Sometime in October last year I accidentally stumbled on a
secluded data base containing detailed information of individuals and families whose wealth were confiscated at the end of World War11.

Ever since this discovery, I have been on the look out for any new information and development. Just recently, I noticed that the United Nations have been
systematically releasing these seized individual and family wealth back to relatives and descendants of those originally affected. Those mostly affected were
Germans, Jews alike, and other Nationals that were found or assumed to have supported the Nazi Regime.

On further research I found out that your name matches with one of the listed family names in the said data base, hence am contacting you to inform you of
this and to also find out if you have any knowledge that the wealth of your ancestors was confiscated at the end of WW11. 
Now... I know that I'm not very good at keeping up with modern politics and what is going on in the world, but I think I would know about 9 world-wide wars that took place before I was born... no?

Moral of the Story: Sometimes, randomly clicking on the mails in your spam folder before deleting them can be totally worth it!

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