Tuesday, 13 March 2012


I have a stack of things to read, I have to pack and prepare for a visit to a friend on the weekend, there's an almost finished presentation that I need to go through a few more times and wrap up, and I have dentist appointment in an hour.

In other news, our garden looks much different - not only due to spring now finally coming and doing stuff to the plants, but also because we ripped out an old evergreen hedge which will be replaced by something not-evergreen, not as wide and not as dense as the old one, to let a little more light and a feeling of a larger space live in our garden. A few of our friends came on Saturday to help us with this, and together we managed to remove all the hedge plants - a little more than 25 metres of hedge, so we could all feel we had done some work in the evening.

Unfortunately, the hedge is not the only thing that will not see the next spring - the little rosemary plant we bought last year has not survived the winter with its quite extreme temperatures. I'm a little sad, but I hope this is the only freeze death in the garden - there are a few other plants which are not yet getting back into the action, so it will stay interesting on that front.

To even out these losses, the offset bulbs of all the tulips I replanted last autumn (to give them a little more space) seem to happily live and grow in their various new spots now. And the first three sunflower seedlings have finally broken through the soil in my nursery pots. Plus we now have a red currant plant. I grew up with several red currant plants in our garden, and strawberries and raspberries and cherries, and while I can live without a cherry tree if necessary (and buy cherries at the market) I really miss the other three when I do not have them in the garden.  So things are looking up now, currant-wise. Hooray!

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