Thursday, 25 August 2011

Not much to tell.

Though I'm furiously working on stuff, I don't have much to tell about it yet - I don't want to jinx the project and that means I will be keeping mum for now.

There are a few very nice and exciting things afoot, though, and I will soon be able to tell you more. For now, I enjoy that one project so much that I'm getting sidetracked into almost forgetting to blog, and the other has stolen me a bit of sleep the day before yesterday because I had to think about it.
And this second one is linked to a trip to England, which I am wildly looking forward to.

Finally, I have spent part of yesterday evening with legalese - turns out the German law regarding the right of withdrawal has changed again, and I thus had to change the legalese texts in the shop. Speaking of which, I have also made a good bit of progress translating the legalese for the English version - though those of you waiting will have to hold out for a bit longer still. Sorry for that! (I really need a duplicator so I can turn into three of me during the work hours... anyone know where I could get one?)

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