Monday, 15 August 2011

I'm back.

I'm back from a wonderful and really relaxing summer holiday - we went for a canoe paddle to Lake Constance and had a really nice time there. Paddling is a slow, slow way to get around, so it gives the mind enough time to unreel and let go.

The weather at the lake was a little unreliable (as we've heard it is wont to be), but we were quite lucky nonetheless: Most of the rainy time was in the evenings or during the night, when we did not mind it at all, and though we were not able to paddle for two days due to strong winds, we found other nice stuff to do.

And now my feeling of energy and being refreshed and with recharged batteries will hopefully last for some time! I've already tackled the long-overdue clearing of my workdesk (now there's more than a few square millimetres of the surface visible on the left, hooray!) and I will be working my way through the backlog of emails as soon as I've fortified myself with a nice cup of tea. The weather is very inspiring for work as well today: it's raining hard...

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