Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Medieval Dress Link Page

There's a whole page up since today at medievalists.net about the topic of Medieval Dress - with a nice list of textile- and dress-related online articles. The topic is not restricted to dress or clothing only, but also extends to dress accessories like pins, brooches and jewellery.

There are quite a few articles in that list I'll have to take at least a look at, and it's really nice to see a paper about wall hangings. If you are not of the textile persuasion already and want to have a nice overview of archaeological textiles and the problems of this field, you might want to read the article by Maria Cybulska and Jerzy Maik.

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Chris Laning said...

The fact that they have Braham Norwick's article on the origins of knitted fabric in there annoys me, because Norwick is well known among textile people to be wrong, wrong, wrong about many things. While medievalists.net does turn up some interesting bits, I don't like them because they seem to just collect stuff and publish what they find without a lot of quality control. (Their web design is also fairly unattractive, though the new template is at least more roomy than the old one and less prone to overflow.)