Monday, 7 February 2011


I'm back from the weekend stint, which was very, very nice - I met a lot of wonderful colleagues again, got to use my wool beating frame (worked very well), did a fair bit of combing wool (which really trains your hand muscles) and even got to see the Staufer exhibition that is currently running in the evening.

We also were insanely lucky with the weather, with up to two-digits-in-the-plus temperatures - I did not need to put on even half of the additional warm clothes that I had brought. And to top it all off, the visitors all were very interested and very nice - so a thoroughly good work weekend for me.

And now there's the weekend-wrap-up-work left for me to do: Get all the things out of the car and stowed away in their proper spots. And after that... I'll go have a coffee with friends and check out a few books from the Uni library. And relax.

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