Wednesday, 7 April 2010

The Thing - in action.

Here are the promised pictures of the Fibonacci knit - first the after-blocking shot:

Now the double-Fibonacci spiral is clear to see. Blocking this form was easier than I had expected - I just blocked each section between the decrease lines, beginning from the middle and working towards the thinner ends. The resulting form means that the wide back piece will drape nicely across the shoulders, and when then hang freely, the ends fall in a pleasing corkscrew spiral:

And then there's a multitude of other ways to wear it - wrapped loosely or tightly around neck and shoulders, draped across back and chest, symmetrical and asymmetrical. And the best thing? It keeps back of neck and shoulders nice and toasty warm, and if you wrap it loosely around and tuck in one of the spiral ends, it will stay on and on and on.

And as an extra bonus for you - here is an action shot where you can see the texture of the stitch pattern a little more clearly.

I am absolutely delighted with how this turned out! It is comfortable, nice to wear, lightweight yet warm, and not as large as a full-size shawl. I put it on yesterday once it finished blocking and I haven't wanted to take it off since then - I guess this will see a lot of use!


Harma Piening said...

I like it. The colour suites you and the shape is a lot like your beautyspot. Nice work.

John Gilson said...

Wow, very cool! Where do you find the information to make this?

a stitch in time said...

Thanks, Harma and John!
The basic information for the Fibonacci spiral came from Wikipedia and a few mathemathics sites, and the bamboo stitch instructions came from an online stitch dictionary. The rest came out of my slightly twisted brain, and I am working on getting the pattern ready for publication. Once it has been tested (I like to double-check things), it will be available for sale on the sidepanel of this blog or via Ravelry.