Thursday, 8 April 2010

They have arrived! Hooray, hooray, and hooray again!

My little camera has seen quite a bit of action this last while, and yesterday it had to get out of its nest again to take some pictures in our garage - because this arrived here yesterday afternoon:

Just in case that you can't guess what the content of this sweet little package is (delivered on an old DB-pallet (DB is the German rail service), here it is all opened up:

The content?

My book. One hundred fifteen copies of it. They now sit here in the study, making a very nice stack, waiting to go somewhere where they will want to be read, re-read, lugged around, pulled out of a sewing project bag and stuffed back in, adorned with scribbled notes on scraps of paper stuck between pages, accidentally dropped on the floor, pointed at, maybe even given a coffee or tea stain or two that they can boast to their colleagues. Some of the copies printed might be a bit pernickety and prefer the quiet life of a bookshelf, or the moderately adventurous life of a library book, but I am sure those in my stack are all of the hard-boiled kind that doesn't mind to see things like the insides of bags, sewing supplies close by and lots and lots of use.

Since the books have been delivered to me, they should also have found their way to the publishing house and thus should arrive soon if you have ordered from the publisher or from a local bookstore. If you have, at some point in time, written me an e-mail stating that you are bindingly ordering a copy of the book from me, I will contact you per mail before I send out your book, just to make sure that you don't end up with two copies instead of one. I will also bring the books to Freienfels for those that would like to buy a copy in person.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations! I am champing at the bit for a similar day, but even then I won't have such a satisfying cache of them to hoard briefly. May they fly into deserving hands with all speed!

Peter said...

Hey Katrin.

I would like one of those, please... I'll mail you.


Congratulations! I read with much enjoyment your article in NESAT X summarizing your conclusions. If I understood German well, I would order a copy!

von Frost said...


Das Cover sieht schon super interessant aus...
Hast du denn da das ganze Mittelalter zusammengefasst oder bestimmte Jahrzehnte?
Und wie teuer ist das Ganze?
Ich bin immer froh fundiertes Nachschlagwerk für die Tasche zu haben irgendwie habe ich immer nur so Stückweise Infos in meinen Büchern aber nichts zusammen.

Lieben Gruß aus Hamburg

a stitch in time said...

Hallo Christine,

das Buch geht über die Zeit von 500 bis 1500, mit Schwerpunkt auf Hoch- und Spätmittlalter. Das Buch kostet 67,90 Euro und sollte auch in die Tasche passen (wenn die Tasche ein gutes Kilo zusätzlich aushält...)

Deborah Lane said...

I really want to buy your book but as I don't speak the language I cant negotiate the sellers page. Can you help please?



a stitch in time said...

Deborah, you can e-mail me and I will ship the book to you - but please be aware that the book is all German language except for a short English summary in the back!