Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Season's Greetings!

 I'm off for the holidays now - meeting with the family and later with friends to start into the New Year. As I'm sure me and you will all be much too busy for blogs during these days, I'll see you in January 2010, on Jan 4, to be exact.

Until then have some wonderful, relaxing and stress-free days with your friends and families!

And if you are curious about which New Year's Eve tradition is most hallowed to me and my friends, you might want to know about the phenomenon that is Dinner for One (which even has a Wikipedia entry telling about its importance) and then watch it.

Best seen on New Year's Eve, along with countless Germans!


Arachne said...

And a whole lot of druken Swedes, too - Dinner for One (or "Grevinnan och betjänten" as we call it) is a New Year's Eve tradition here as well.

Merry Christmas and a fibrefull New Year!

Racaire said...

...and Austrians!!!! it's also a New Year's tradition here before midnight :) ...and we still love it :)

Merry christmas!!!!

Eva Grelsdotter said...

.. and in Finland :D The funniest movie ever!

Anne Sofie said...

And Denmark "90 års fødselsdagen", it is a firm tradition.