Monday, 21 December 2009

Exhibition Catalogue about Pandolfo III Malatesta's garment

Via the MEDTC-Discuss List, I got this information about a new exhibition catalogue:

Kusch, Claudia ; Patrizia Mignani ; Raffaella Pozzi (eds). :
Redire 1427-2009 : Ritorno alla luce : Il restauro del Farsetto di Pandolfo III Malatesti [Back to the light. The restoration of the doublet of Pandolfo III Malatesta]
Fano, Museo Civico, 2009. 24cm., pbk., 107pp. illus., most in color. (I quaderni del Museo, n. 2, 2009)
Price: $48.95 (Shamansky) also available through Italian bookdealers €22.50.

There's an article (in Italian) with two pictures, one a detail of the garment and one shot of the mummy in the grave. And I really want the book, though it could be a little hard to get it here - I haven't found a German distributor yet. So you are in luck if you are in Italy or in the US!


A Life Long Scholar said...

I get back to Italy on the 12th of January. If you haven't managed to get a copy by then send me an e-mail and perhaps I might be able to find it locally for you.

L'ara said...

Dear Katrin,

how funny: I just saw a conference held at Castelfranco Emilia (MO) on "unconventional burials" and Gino Fornaciari from the University of Pisa showed the tombs his department analised. Frederic II, Pandolfo, Cangrande della Scala (his mantle was also reconstructed) and, within the Medici Project, Gian Gastone Medici (died 1737).
Please always remember that I can try to translate the article in my free time and of course I can buy the book for you and send it!

a stitch in time said...

Thank you both so much for your kind offer! The last time I tried to get a book from abroad (not a mass-market paperback, but a proper research volume), that took several months and cost more than double the normal book cost, so I will gladly come back to that!