Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Kruseler and Hairdos, Part I

Since my kruseler is finally finished, I have started to play around with it. It is not as voluminous as the one worn by the lady on the left, but the appropriate size and form to try things out. As a result, I feel like I'm finally getting the knack of putting up the hair and then putting on the veil so it looks like the medieval pictures show.

When wearing a kruseler, it depends mostly on the hairdo worn underneath whether it will sit nicely or not. I am sure that form and type of the hairdo will also decide whether the finished thing looks more angular or more rounded.

The updo I'm mostly using for trying things is the "logroll", one of my staples for wearing my hair. I will try to make a proper description with photos during the next days, since that is much easier than trying to describe.

The importance of the hairdo, in turn, means that putting up the hair in the appropriate (and symmetrical) way will make or break the kruseler reconstruction. Fortunately, I have long enough hair to play around with all kinds of different braided and non-braided updos, though I still have problems to fix the buns at the temples. With braids, it is a little easier to put up the hair - unfortunately, I especially like the smooth unbraided hairdo that can be seen on the Arnolfini Portrait. I have not managed yet to replicate it properly, but I'm working on it...

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