Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Blog stuff and Funnie

I've just re-ordered the gadgets and finally managed to substitute the blogroll (that can't be divided into parts with different titles) with link lists. You can now see whether it is a writing & publishing themed blog or a medievalist blog that you are about to click, should you be willing to leave this blog via another one.

In case you wonder why I have this type of blogs on my reading list:
I stumbled over most of them when I was preparing the book proposal for my thesis. I had tried before to get my master's thesis to a publisher, and luckily I made all the beginner's mistakes then, and not this time around.

Having grown not only older and bolder, but a bit wiser at the same time, I read a lot of how-to texts and do-and-don't-lists before sending anything out. And while doing this, I found a few blogs that had helpful advice and nicely written texts. Since I enjoy reading nicely written texts, I stuck around.

And while I'm writing about the book biz:
One of my favourite funnies about the business is a video by Jackson A. Pearce, where she shows how she once imagined the writing and publishing process. It's wonderful. I watch it regularly to have the good feeling that I am not the only person who once had a much too optimistic view about the publishing business - and that I am in good company indeed.
Here you go - enjoy!

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