Tuesday, 20 October 2015

More blog tour, and other stuff.

First things first - If you're as addicted to the British Library illuminated manuscripts database as I am, you might have noticed it is currently not working (as in there are no piccies to be seen). Don't despair, though - the tech staff at the BL is aware of the issue, and they are working to fix it.

In blog tour news, here is the link to yesterday's post: And Death will Have His Day.

In other other news, in case you are looking for a textile-related challenge, there is one up at Neulakko: The Herjolfsnaes Challenge.

Notorious PhD is having fun (or not-fun) with medieval family naming conventions.

Doug's Archaeology has a series of lightning presentations on how to engage the public.

And the cat is lying on my right forearm, making typing slightly difficult.

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