Tuesday, 22 September 2015

The Scarf.

I promised to tell you more about this scarf, right?

A while ago (these things all take their sweet time), Margit mentioned that she'd like to put out a scarf knitting kit using her wool. She wanted a pattern with lengthwise stripes, and I offered to design a pattern for this.

So this is the result of our joint venture:

A colourful scarf, easy to knit, looking the same on both sides. A fringe to add some playfulness, too. We're both very happy with how our tests have turned out, and to have it finished in time for the Nadelkunst. Actually, as I'm blogging this, Margit is sitting down and putting together the skeins for these scarves - each pack will have three skeins of 50 g wool, in different colours, plus the instructions in either German or English. The wool is a very nice and soft, yet sturdy yarn, from a German company and hand-dyed with natural dyes by Margit.

I'm looking forward to having the sets here next week, and I'm thrilled that I will be taking them to Weikersheim!

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