Thursday, 14 May 2015

Lovely Linkfest.

There is a stack of links to things you might find interesting again - time to clear out those browser tabs and send you careening through the internet!

First of all, Cathy writes about Greek sprang hairnets.

Erik Kwakkel writes about rare medieval name tags - from foundlings.

Neil Gaiman was interviewed about reading by Reading Rainbow, and talks about comfort reading (among other things).

An Anglo-Saxon recipe for an antibiotic has tested succesfully against a modern resistant bacterial strain - the Independent has an article about this (though I wouldn't call the recipe revolting, as they do).

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Cathy Raymond said...

Thanks for featuring my hairnet post.

The article about the Anglo-Saxon "antibiotic" was interesting. I'm more inclined to believe the results than I otherwise might be because of a personal experience.

I once cut my finger while chopping garlic. Surprisingly (to me), the cut barely hurt, and it healed *very* quickly without leaving any kind of a mark even though I did nothing special to it. I have not had a knife cut heal so well before or since. Maybe I should put garlic juice on my knife blade no matter what I'm cutting!