Friday, 24 October 2014

More Open Access stuff. And a bleg.

The OA week has provoked some more blogging, not only here. Doug has posted a longish article about OA publishing concepts that sound a lot more reasonable than the ones I ridiculed yesterday. And one before that, with a lot more information about free or affordably-priced OA journals, and links to said journals. Go read it here.

In other news, I'm still busy editing (the Beast is losing words - it's like a book diet!) and also preparing for the Textile Forum. Additionally, I am thinking about offering an embroidery set for doing a small medieval motif, about 4 cm in diameter. I would like to offer that as a complete package with cloth (that has the pre-inked design), naturally dyed silk thread, maybe gold thread, short instructions and possibly also a small (non-medieval, but affordable) embroidery frame. Suggestions as to motifs would be greatly appreciated!


Harma said...

Keltic knots and of course the jaja bat.

Vaire said...

The Göss Vestments have many interesting embroidery motifs. I used a couple of them to embroider a pin cushion.

Lena said...

Manuscript marginalia are awesome, but I'm not sure about the copyright issues since you want to sell the patterns. Maybe medieval tiles* are less covered by copyright - at least if you photograph them yourself?

*: for inspiration: