Thursday, 28 August 2014

More LonCon stuff.

 Are you tired abot hearing from LonCon yet? It's not too much more, I promise. Really.

I have talked to people, however, and they directed me to interesting places. Margit, for example, told me about an RSS and Atom feed reader she uses. It's an add-on to Firefox (which still, occasionally, drives me crazy with its inexplicable slowness, like today. Which is also the reason why this post is so late), and it's called Bamboo Feed Reader. She showed me her version of it with a quick explanation, and now I am slowly shifting things from my blogspot dashboard reading list over to Bamboo. Thanks, Margit!

In retaliation, I got her hooked on EscapePod. I had the pleasure of (very shortly) meeting the host of the Pod, Alasdair, in person when he and Mur Lafferty did the live recording of one episode, with a story by Kameron Hurley (who got not one, but two Hugos this year). Unfortunately, I missed him and his fiancée as they stopped by our table in the Dealer's hall, but I was told they enjoyed the sight of wool in a sea of books. If you still haven't listened to any of the Escapepod stories, I totally recommend going there right now. To be more precise, go to this page and listen to the Hugo-winner in the short story category, read by the author John Chu himself. I am thrilled that this story won - because it is awesome and one of the best, if not the best, love/relationship stories I have read in a long time.

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