Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Back home!

I am back home from a nice and both relaxing and exhausting time at Freienfels. It was, as always, so nice to see all the people again that I know from, oh, ages back; it was lovely to have a coffee and a chat with friends, and to sit and enjoy the fire in the evening.

We also managed to do some shopping (because your equipment is just never complete, right?) and to enjoy some music. I got a few deliveries and some more leads on where to get special fabric, so that was quite successful.

Weather-wise, we were quite lucky, with only one day of light drizzling rain and grey skies. The rest of the time, it was sunny (though with some icy cold wind sometimes), and only the nights were freezing. Now the washing-machine is running, the cat is happy that her humans are back and is sleeping in her bed in the study, most of our equipment is already clean, dry and stowed away again - and I am back to the 21st century with its to-do lists and computers and deadlines and things to do and find out and take care of. Which I shall do, presently.

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