Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Tape loom plans.

I've gone through my list of things that I might want to blog about, and as usual, the list is long... but not all of the topics make for a quick blog entry, or a link list.

What is in there of potential interest to you, though, is this: Plans for making a tape loom. They are from a magazine that was published a while ago, and then went through bankruptcy. It's a relatively simple tape loom, though not as simple as my contraption (which is basically a stick in a board with a holder for the rigid heddle).

If you haven't tried band weaving yet, but get the chance - give it a go. It is a really nice pastime, a rather quick way to get some tapes or bands, and since it's quick and does not use oodles of material, it is a nice possibility to try out some funky colour combinations, too.

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Harma said...

That's exactly the shape of loom I showed you last summer.

I always thought that this kind of weaving is easy, but some of the most experienced weavers at our guild couldn't get straight selvedges or an even beat. Needed a reed, perhaps?