Tuesday, 22 January 2013


Somehow, this start of week is sort of crazy-ish, or at least madly uncooperative. The little cat has taken it into her head that taking her meds is a hassle, and she does not want it. So the morning and evening inhalation sessions (she has feline asthma) are turning into a battle of wills.

-Meow! I want breakfast! And outside!
-Come here, cat. Take your meds. Have some more cat treats. Good cat. Here are the me...
-Oh lookeee, it's so much nicer to lie down just outside your reach. And oh, even better, over there at the door.... I like to sit at the door. Did I mention I want to go outside?
-Come here, little cat. Take your meds. Yes, good cat, take that treat. And now stay here for...
-Ah, nice treat, and now I sit down at the door again.

So... not so good. I'm now hoping for some feedback from other feline patients for hints on how to solve this.

In addition, I did not get that much work done yesterday, at least not the types of work I intended to get done. And I think the first action of the day (after the Battle About the Meds has been resolved and I have some coffee) will be to clear some more space on this desk. Piles of work... somehow not comforting.

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