Monday, 8 October 2012

The Opening of LEA

I've mentioned the new Lab for Experimental Archaeology quite a bit on this blog already, mostly in context with the Textile Forum, and I hope to have reasons to mention it in the future at least as often. It's a wonderful concept that fits in perfectly with the Textile Forum and with a lot of the work regarding spinning and textile techniques that I have been doing, merging crafts knowledge and practical craft with scientific methods and archaeological research.

The LEA consists of two big workshop rooms, one of them fitted with installation for blacksmith work. It will have a special kiln for firing ceramics, there's a laboratory extractor hood for stuff you don't want to breathe, a smallish but comfy kitchen to eat, drink, and merrily conspire or read papers, a work/lab room that fits three desks and several cabinets with lab equipment and glassware, the office for the two people running the whole thing, a separate hall for papers, seminars or other things needing a large indoor space, and very generous space outdoors, partly graveled and covered, partly open. All rooms (well, except for the office, obviously) are multi-purpose, with lots of moveable furniture and moveable equipment to be able to make space where it is needed. And those working or researching a project can be housed directly at the lab: There are two bedrooms, each sleeping up to five persons, with lockers for valuables, and the necessary sanitary installations. Altogether, the place feels very welcoming too.

I've already posted that the opening was a big success, as was the experiment we did, which we hope to present at a conference as soon as possible. Meanwhile, you can have your own look at the premises of LEA (at least some of them) and at the things that happened at the opening weekend. A local TV station sent a team to film the opening, and here it is:

Both linked things (the LEA page and the film) are in German, but you can just look at the pictures... and you will see me spinning in the film as well!

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