Friday, 13 July 2012

It's raining outside...

... again. After several months with very little to no rain, it seems as if nature is trying to catch up, and it has been pouring down now and again - with lots of heat and sometimes really humid air inbetween.

I don't really mind the sound of rain, though, and I'm happy that we do not have to water the lawn or the flowers and tomatoes outside. The cat, however, is not so pleased. She would much prefer staying dry when attending to necessities outside, and it took her a few minutes of sitting and looking into the rain before she decided she prefers to get a little wet from the outside instead of using the (perfectly dry and of course clean) litter tray inside. Cats. At least the birds don't mind the rain too much, so she can still have cat entertainment from the dry inside.

I have actually managed to do some proper writing yesterday for one of the articles I have to do, and I plan on doing some more today, so things are moving on. I feel a definite need for some holidays though - good thing that a summer break is not really far away now!

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