Monday, 18 April 2011

Oh the Tiny Fun.

I am sure that knitting for babies is something that oodles of other knitters have discovered for themselves during hundreds of years, and now it was finally my turn. Yes, that was not very long ago, but I think I can be excused for that - after all, I haven't been knitting for so long.

First of all, babies have one definitive asset for being knit for: They are small. Really small. And while knitting something small might be a tad fiddly, it is really fast work - after all, there's so many less stitches in a sock for a 3 months old than a 30 year old.

And secondly (and I think that's even more important), they don't want a say yet in what they will be wearing. As long as it fits (more or less) and is the proper warmth for the ambient temperature, it will be okay.
And they are not walking. Which is the go-ahead, the carte blanche, the glorious licence to do some really outrageous knitting. If the parents are amused by it and like it - that's what the wee one will wear (at least until he or she wiggles out of it).

So... I used part of the weekend for some tongue-in-cheek stealth knitting project. Which is not so far from being finished, though there's still a gazillion of ends to weave in and finishing touches to be done. Photos will follow after the real-life reveal, which will hopefully be soon.


Fanny said...

Ooo, now I'm curious of your baby creations! :P

Anonymous said...

There's also the added advantage that out of a sense of loyalty the child will be made to wear whatever creation has been made for it when the creator comes to visit, regardless of what the parents may think of the item.

Over time the parents will realise that actually, this isn't so bad, as they'll have a stock of photos that will mean the child will keep all of its friends away from the house during its teenage years (as it doesn't know if they'll produce the photos) and to embarass the child with when it eventually marries.

And so the cycle goes...

Obviously I haven't been reminded of this by actually knowing people who are right now aiming for the most outlandish garments and colourschemes that they can make, purely for these very reasons...