Monday, 21 March 2011

Sunshine outside, backup work inside.

I had a nice (and textile-free) weekend with lots of cake, since we went to a birthday party, and now I'm back with my nose to the to-do-list again. Main task for today is again getting the paper about the spinning experiment done - and a few mails in addition to that.

And then there's some computer maintenance to be done... After two hard disk drives died during my phd thesis time, I became obsessed with doing backups. (That has lessened off a bit in the meantime, though I'm still doing backups regularly, of course.) One side effect of the backupping-obsession was my tendency to copy everything a few times and keep backups from a few different ages simultaneously - and that, naturally, leads to very full backup drives. So from time to time, I have to do a duplicate search (there's a program I use for that) and delete the duplicates. Or at least all of the big files that are duplicates and as many of the smaller ones as I can stand. And that is also on the list for today - the duplicate hunter programme is running and will hopefully be finished this afternoon. (Did I say that there's lots and lots of data? Yes? Well, there's lots.)

And since I've been talking about backups of data, here's the obligatory final remark: If you haven't done a backup recently (and still did some work on your computer), go do it now!

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