Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Yeah, well.

A while ago, I stumbled over a video linked on Wormspit's blog, and I'll finally share it with you today. It's kind of fun, though it is also kind of... not really realistic.

There are quite a lot of bits in that film that I would like to see for much longer, and in much more detail, and some things are really not convincing me - like the berry-crushing (for that red? berries? Ah, come on.) or the thickness of the cloth he handles when washing and the fall and drape of the finished curtains. Still, I find this amusing - I don't even know who that Conan is, to be honest, but I can totally get fingering good-quality plant-dyed silk in a luscious red. And a film that shows passion about textile crafts... can it be all bad?

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Heidi said...

Conan O'Brien is an American late-night talk-show host. He went through a rough year when the network canceled his contract in favor of another host who had retired but decided to come back. Conan has spent the better part of 2010 living his contractual obligation and not doing any TV shows. He's done a lot of silly short things, though. I think he's very funny, and I enjoyed this commercial. :)