Thursday, 11 November 2010


We now interrupt our regular programme for a completely unscheduled and unexpected "Hooray!"

Yesterday, I received an e-mail telling me this little blog here has made it to a Top-50-List which you can find here - it's called  50 best blogs for Medieval History Geeks. And I was totally stunned and amazed to be in one list with the Great Ones of Medieval blogging, like the Medieval Material Culture Blog, Got Medieval, Unlocked Wordhoard and many more.

If you don't know the other blogs on the list, do go check them out (that's time well spent) while I am here, feeling totally cool because I've actually been listed in a Best-Of-List. Hooray!


Cathy Raymond said...

I for one, am pleased, but not surprised. I've known your blog was great since I first found it. That's why I follow it. :-)

a stitch in time said...

Thank you, Cathy!

Alwen said...

Congratulations, and thanks for the link!