Friday, 24 September 2010

There. A Bleg.

The Book has been out for about half a year now, and it's doing very well - and I have not forgotten all those comments and questions that I receive about an English version. So I've done some planning and scheming and thinking and prep work, and now it's time to find either an agent willing to peddle the book on the Europe/US market or a publishing house, preferably with distribution on both sides of the Big Pond.

And here I sit, now, with my not-so-great knowledge of English-language-based publishing houses and agents. So I'll do what probably every blogger does sooner or later: I write a bleg.

I am looking for a possibility to bring my book to the English language market. It's a book geared to please both the scientists (art historians, archaeologists, textile conservators) and the Living History activists, offering the first general overview of still extant medieval garments plus all the background knowledge needed to re-create garments using a reconstructed historical tailoring technique. The German version is doing very well and has been getting rave reviews from scientists and Living History folks alike.
If you know an agent or publishing house that might be interested in this book, please give me a hint - I'd be delighted to have a few more leads than I have at the moment!


Phiala said...

Oxbow Books is the first thing that comes to mind.

Anonymous said...

BAR ( might be interested!

All the best,

Anonymous said...

I second Oxbow. You could also contact university presses, such as Oxford University Press.

Cathy Raymond said...

I admit that Oxbow was who I thought of first. They've published two of the NESATs, I think.

a stitch in time said...

Thank you all for the hints on publishers! I'll go look into all of them.

Meg Geiss-Mooney said...

Another possiblity might be Archetype Publications (James Black) in the UK - they do publish technique books.