Wednesday, 16 June 2010

New Embroidery book!

A new book about embroidery is scheduled to come out in October this year. The German-language book is called "Europäische Stickereien 1250-1650" and shows the pieces of the Textile Museum Krefeld's collection from said time. Going from these as base, the author is giving a cultural history of embroidery and looks at production tools, materials, workshops and trade of embroidered textiles. With 49,90 Euro, the book is very fairly priced - and I will be sure to get myself a copy!

For more info about the book, you can find it in this title database (I found it on page 3 of 3), or you can have a look at it on the publisher's homepage, where you can also order it already, with free shipping inside Germany.

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Machteld said...

Sounds interesting, thanks for posting!