Monday, 25 January 2010

Laptp wes

That title was supposed to read "Laptop woes" - and nw yu can prbably guess what key desn't wrk prperly n my laptp anymre.

Writing that phrase also made me realise why that might be so - it seems as if the letter "O" is a  frequent one in English. Or maybe I have a penchant for using words with that letter often. Maybe I should start a quest to merely utilise different expressions in the future. (I just realised how hard to nigh impossible that is.) 0r empl0y the zer0 instead? N0. N0t a s0luti0n either.

I guess that after many years of using my trusty laptop, it is probably time to look for a replacement... because hitting that key real hard and waiting for it to respond with an O seriously cramps my normally soft-typing writing style...

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