Monday, 16 November 2009

Am I an official Dark Side padawan now?

Here's proof (visual) that I'm doing my best to join the Dark Side (and thank you, Darth Harma, for your friendly welcome!)

I am really amazed at how much stuff about knitting is there on the Internet (and I haven't even been to Ravelry in my forays). This all makes it easy to find out about stuff - it truly is standing on the shoulders of giants. Like, to name just one of the many, Darth Techknitter, who happily shares her knitting knowledge with incredible drawings - and everybody who ever made a drawing of any textile technique that entails yarn looping through and around other loops of yarn will know what that means. So a huge thank you from me to all of you out there who make it possible for others to learn about knitting - and not only the canonised version of one's own country and the tricks from one's vicinity, but all the twists, turns, variations and tricks from all over the knitting world. You rock!

And they are not normal giants. No, there are giants who are doing seriously mad stuff, like knitting two socks at once. Simultaneously. On double-pointed needles.
That, now, is seriously awesome, and I don't know whether to be happy or mad at Darth Harmless Drudge, because this is so awesome that I absolutely have to try it.

I like the dark side. There are socks. There is chocolate as accredited motivational tool. And there is madness... it seems to be just the place for me.


flederkatz said...
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flederkatz said...

Yes I have contemplated going over to the Dark Side as well, since I was told they have cookies.

Trying to knit or crochett usually leady to total chaos and wierd entanglement. So I havr given up on it.
But if you ever need somebody to draw said Entanglements, feel free to give me a call.

Wonderful socks btw. and thanks for removing that comment ^^

Digger said...

Those are spiffy socks! :D

Anonymous said...

Beware of the temptations of Ravelry. It's like a black hole. You can be drawn in and never resurface again.
Did you know about Brian, the guy that knits 7 pairs of socks together on the same circular needle:

Darth Harma

a stitch in time said...

Thanks everybody for your comments, and thanks for the warning, Darth Harma. I'm not planning to delve into Ravelry - my intention is to let knitting stay a hobby where I finish as much as I begin, and I'm afraid too much pattern temptation will make that impossible...

And no, I didn't know about Brian - thanks for the link, this is a nicely crazy project! (Though I think I'd get mad changing from sock to sock every half round...)