Thursday, 29 October 2009

Horrible Histories!

Once in a while, you stumble over something smashing on the Internet. That happened to me yesterday (leading to some work time reduction and late bed-going due to having to watch funny videos on Youtube). Did you know that CBBC has a series of utterly funny sketches and songs titled "Horrible Histories", making history lessons the most amusing thing ever?

Now I will finally remember what happened to Henry VIII's wives, because of watching this:

And the perfect follow-up for that video is the Terrible Tudors song:

For those lucky enough to be in the right area (unfortunately I'm not), there's also the official webpage of the show, where you can watch snippets, videos and the episodes shown during the last seven days (now I'm jealous!) and even play a game called "Terrible Treasures".


Ellira said...

Ah the books these are based off got me interested in history. They made a cartoon of them a few years ago and it was dreadful, but this looks like it's pretty entertaining, even though visually a lot of it's pretty inaccurate. I had to watch a few episodes while babysitting over the last few days. ><

a stitch in time said...

I didn't look too much at the correctness of details, I will admit - I was much too busy enjoying the funny texts. And I'm sorry that there's only the cartoon version available on DVD, I would have bought some horrible histories right away otherwise.