Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Work style

My usual style of working slightly resembles a multi-front war: Tackling several items from the list at the same time, which means that I work a bit here and then switch to another thing on the list, and maybe later to a third one. This is partially due to necessary waiting between steps on single projects, partially because sometimes I think it's faster to answer an e-mail and do the corresponding bit of work on a project at once rather than mark the mail and get back to it later on, and partially because I like some variation.

This has, as everything in life, its upsides and downsides. An upside is that I get to work on the project that currently tickles my fancy rather than stick to "Plan A", and that I am very flexible - if some grand idea occurs for one thing, I'm used to switching and will continue with the grand idea and the things it brings with it. The downside is that of course time and energy is lost in translation from one project to the next - and even if the loss is small, it will be there.

In the past months, I have often wondered whether it would be worth trying to finish one thing with absolute priority first and then go down on the list - and frankly, I'm not sure I am willing to try this. Once a deadline approaches for one of the projects, I know I'm perfectly capable of putting that project up front, and everything else does take a back seat, but I don't know if that style of work would suit me and the rather big variety of topics and projects I have in planning, under way or in postprocessing at any given point in time. So for the moment - until I get an inspiration what to change and how, or any grand hints by you, dear readers - I will probably just go on like I'm used to, working on more projects more or less parallel. Which also means that I will have my usual seemingly slow progress with things.

Speaking of progress: There actually is some for several things - planning for the new market stall has done a quite big leap, and this project is now ready for the scissors, needle and thread phase. I have done enough progress on my new (very thin silk thread) hairnet to actually see the proper mesh and for better demonstration - the very first rows are somewhat unspectacular for the viewer. So my weekend was rather productive, and this feels very good.


Anonymous said...

I'm going to have quote your third paragraph in a post of my own coming up because there just seems no point in writing my own words that duplicate it. Or, in other words, I know just what you mean...

a stitch in time said...

Hehe. I'm glad I'm not the only one with that slightly chaotic style of "project processing". But for some situations, I really cannot imagine how it would be possible to finish one thing first. Maybe it's just normal for the likes of us?