Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Why do things take so long?

Somehow, things always take longer than planned. Or at least not shorter. So with last week's unexpected (and utterly unwanted) illness and thus a good two days' non-productive time, I am a good bit behind schedule again. Because there is the Cave coming up as well as two weeks of holidays (that are fortunately already booked, so I can't weasel out and not take it) and inbetween, there is rather a lot to do and with deadlines as well, and with communication impaired by general holiday time, I'm feeling a lot behind schedule.

Which also means that the things without deadline - such as making an online storefront, which lies half-finished on my computer - are left behind to wait until there is less craziness abounding. So for all of you who are waiting for the collection of all market stall items, I'm sorry for the prolonged wait, but there is no possibility at all for me to squeeze it in between things. I hope to get it up before Eindhoven, but at the moment I'm not too optimistic that will work. If this takes all too long for you, the tag "market stall" will give you all the posts that include tools and threads for sale. Please don't hesitate to contact me via comments or via e-mail if you want to order something, and I will inform you about the prices and check out shipping costs for you.

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