Monday, 27 April 2009

Back from two days in the sun!

I'm back home, the car is standing outside still half-packed, and it won't be emptied out since we're leaving for Freienfels on Wednesday.

I had the most wonderful weekend, with lots of utterly nice people - some that I already knew, some that I had briefly met before, and some that I hadn't seen beforehand. And the weather was glorious. And the coffee was soooo good.

The market - part of a market/festival in Großauheim - was on a small parking lot with some trees to give us shade, and it took the public some time to find us. Hence, Sunday was much better visited than Saturday.

Lucky me stood between a tablet weaver and a weaver who brought his loom (to weave linen diamond twill, no less), and when he didn't sit behind his loom, he sat with me and we chatted (or rather, I babbled and he sat and listened). Then there were the shows given by Firlefanz - I managed to escape from my net (which I was working on) to watch for a bit, and I nearly fell off my seat with mirth! I'm sorry that I didn't catch more (I'll try to do better next time I see them). And I even got to dance once each day, it's been ages since my last dancing on a market or fair.

To top off all this wonderfulness, I sold some thread, some gold thread and some of the beading needles I brought, and people took info brochures both for myself and for the forum. And a few more people got onto the newsletter for my book. So I'm sitting here a very happy woman today...


Louise Schelde said...

See...its people like you that makes it worth coming to markets! :0)
Do you have any of you gold thread left? I think I would be interesting in bying some.

a stitch in time said...

Thank you, Louise!
There's no gold thread left, but that sorry state won't last forever... I'll let you know when I have more.